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I am a short course tutor at West Dean College, near Chichester, West Sussex. West Dean College is a centre of excellence and a unique place to study. The 19th century house is surrounded by acres of gardens and views of the South Downs, providing wonderful tranquillity and inspiration for writers.
My courses are suitable for writers of all ability levels. Plenty of support and feedback is provided.
19-22 April 2019, Friday-Monday
Short Story Writing - Starting with Setting
On this course you will gain a better understanding of how to write compelling short stories using setting - place and time - as your starting point. Whether you are writing contemporary short stories set in familiar places; historical fiction (including recent history); science fiction set in imaginary worlds; or stories set in physically challenging environments, what your characters are permitted, required and expected to do will differ, and thus begins your story.

Rather than starting with characters and their problems, this course will look at the conflicts a setting provides, including social, cultural and physical, and use those to tell people the story. It will explore ways of creating vivid story worlds, using sensory and era or time specific detail, and will consider how a setting can be used as a metaphor for characters' problems.

The course is suitable for writers at all stages in their writing journey, from those just starting out to those looking at ways of stretching their writing. Discussions and exercises will enable attendees to look at writing from a new angle.

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Flash Fiction Writing November 2018
‘Feel very happy, at long last, to have made a start’
Short Story Writing August 2018
‘Thank you soooooo much for the fabulous summer school. It was out of this world!!’
Short Story Writing August 2018
‘Thank you, Ruth for an inspiring course. As a complete beginner I have learnt so much regarding many aspects of short story writing’
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