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Ruth Brandt is a Prize winning Writer and Creative Writing Tutor in Surrey. She runs Courses and Workshops in Surrey

Denman College

Denman College is a flourishing centre for residential adult education. The Georgian house has housed the WI’s college since 1948 and, along with its acres of grounds, provides a peaceful and inspiring setting valued by its thousands of visitors. Courses are open to women and men, and non-members as well as WI members.
My courses are suitable for writers of all ability levels. Plenty of support and feedback is provided.
Short Story Writing
19 - 21 Oct 2020
This course will cover the elements which make up a compelling short story, including character, plot, setting, dialogue, and conflict, along with other aspects of story writing.
Written exercises will enable students to explore each of these areas and discover how they can be used to start a new short story, to improve an existing short story, or to provide the springboards from which a number of short stories can be written. 
Flash Fiction Writing
This course will enable students to gain a better understanding of how to write a compelling piece of flash fiction, complete stories in up to 1,000 words. This includes creating a vivid story world, using sensory details, exploring character movement, and editing a piece where the feel as well as meaning of every word matters.
Through written exercises, students will explore each of these areas and discover how to write a story which is short on words but long on depth.
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Denham College
Denham College
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